From India to the Middle East and right here in Australia – everyone is loving using the E-One @ home!

Hair removal is one of the most intimate of all beauty treatments. Often it can be confronting having to remove clothing in front of a stranger in order to have the necessary treatments. Finally, there is a solution with professional, user-friendly and long-lasting hair reduction at home now a reality. The E-One – the first and only medically approved IPL device certified for home use!

The E-One is perfect for certain ethnic groups who are conscious of their privacy but want professional results without all of the issues and hassle of having to go to a clinic. Additionally, as the E-One isn’t needed everyday it can also be shared around the family, which is an additional cost saver and is extremely handy when big family events such as weddings are coming up.

Excessive body hair can be the cause a lot of discomfort especially when combined with the heat of the Australian summer leading to surplus sweating and overheating. The E-One is specifically designed for the treatment of excessive hair growth (known as hirsutism) meaning that it is super effective for most skin and hair profiles. Unlike other IPL devices, the E-One can be used on all areas of the body – including the face!

If you’re searching for a hair removal device that is affordable and can be used in the comfort and privacy of your own home… look no further – the E-One is the answer!

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