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How IPL Compares With Laser Hair Removal

Once the intense light of the E-One touches of the hair, it is then converted into heat that spread along its surface and when this heat reaches the feeding structure of the hair, it burns at around 70°C and then basically destroys it by cauterisation. Therefore it is important to understand that the hair must be attached to its feeding structure, (usually during the hair growing phase, also called anagen) otherwise the heat won't be transmitted to the feeding structure and the hair will still continue to grow. That's the reason why you will need between 8 to 12 treatments with your E-One to have optimum results.

The other thing to understand is that the human body regenerates cells and therefore over the time it will regenerate some new hair. That's the reason why after your 8 to 12 treatments you will still need to do some touchups once or twice a year to keep your skin smooth and hairless. This process is the same either you are using the E-One or any modern professional IPL/laser device and that is the reason why the terms "permanent hair removal" isn't proper to be used. Instead we have opted to use the term "permanent hair reduction" either for Intense Pulsed Light technology or laser technology.

Maybe people are asking what is the difference between the E-One and the laser hair removal machines used in beauty clinics. Well, the main difference is that with a professional IPL/laser hair removal device, practitioners will be able to use on a dozen persons everyday as for the E-One it has been designed to be used for personal use. Still the E-One has a 2 years warranty and a long lifetime design thanks to the expertise of its manufacturer E-Swin in France, the world largest IPL manufacturer.

Permanent Hair Removal


Permanent Hair Reduction

The general public (home users) don't necessary know the following fact, but IPL/laser beauticians and practitioners know well that the terms "permanent hair removal" for IPL or laser is ban in Australia. So, why are we are talking about "permanent hair reduction" and not "permanent hair removal" in the medical area?

The reason we cannot talk about "permanent hair removal" is because it is biologically impossible to remove hair permanently from the surface of the skin.

As explained on our videos, the first important thing to understand is that you are not really getting rid of the hair, but its feeding structure, commonly called the "root" of the follicle.

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