IPL VS Waxing

IPL laser vs waxing

There is no mistaking that both men and women are attracted to their respective hair types, but they are very different at the very core. Here’s what you need to know about each before you decide.


If you have facial hair you’re probably familiar with the process of shaving. When you shave, it’s a simple matter of removing the hair from your face. It may take several passes to get to the area where you want to shave.

For the men that have thicker facial hair, you’ll need to shave more than once to get the hair removed. The problem with shaving the hair off your face is that it can leave some of the hair on the back of the neck and back of your arms, but not all of it.

Shaving doesn’t work for men who have thick hair anywhere except on their eyebrows and their upper lip. It’s not a good idea to try to shave the hair away from your neck. This can cause the hair to become irritated, and then you can end up with hair growing back out where you weren’t previously shaving.

Hair Removal Types

For men with hair that is heavier, there is something called hair removal. This is often done by a professional salon. With this type of hair removal, a technician will apply the wax onto the area and then use tweezers to take the wax out of the hair. You won’t have to shave at all.

Another type of hair removal for men is called electrolysis. This process is a little bit more painful than waxing because it requires a needle to dig into the skin. The needles are very small, so it’s much like piercing, and the hair is dead in a few seconds.

IPL laser vs waxing

Laser hair removal is another choice that is available for men with hair that’s thick. A machine shoots a high-powered laser at the hair, destroying it. Once this is done, the hair can never grow back.

Pros and Cons

These are just two of the many options for hair removal, but they are the most common. Both men and women are attracted to the way that the hair looks, but there are also some differences between men and women.

Men are usually very self-conscious about their hair, so there is less of it. When they shave, most men do so with the grain of their hair, which means that the hair is cut down the side of the face, rather than the top. When it’s a more natural look, it tends to look better.

Women often prefer to shave every day, and it can be a real pain. They don’t have as much hair, so shaving each day will be a bit easier for them. With all of the other issues that come along with men, shaving every day is an added chore. for women.

Men will also need more products to keep their hair from growing back. or going crazy. The products that are used for men usually contain alcohol, which can make it a little bit more painful than men would be comfortable with.

Some of the best products for hair removal for men contain salicylic acid, which is used to reduce the growth of the hair. For the women, they use a special lotion that contains witch hazel, which makes it less abrasive. It will help to reduce the growth of the hairs while keeping it moist.

So, when thinking about the pros and cons of hair removal, you’ll find that there are a few key points that differ for both men and women. When looking for products, it will pay to make sure that they are suited for your skin type.