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ipl hair removal devices for home use

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  • Philips - Lumea
  • Remington - IPL500 i-light
  • E-Swin - E-One
  • CyDen - i pulse
  • Home Skinovations Ltd - Silk'n
  • Viss Beauty Inc - Viss

The E-One is the only medical hair removal device for home use. It is the only hair removal device that offers permanent hair reduction that can be used on sun-tanned skins.

The high fluency of the E-One compared to other devices permits the same permanent hair reduction results as you can get in a professional beauty clinic. With a low fluency, there is a higher risk of hair regrowth. The E-One is the only device with a "continuous' flash, meaning that the whole area will really be treated equally. Finally, the excellent light control offers a tolerance for the skin minimising the risk of burn or discoloration unlike competing devices.

The E-One has the biggest actual spot some (6cm2) in comparison with other IPL devices.

The E-One was awarded the medical CE mark in 2008 by an independent organisation. This certification was renewed in 2011 and issued the ID number FR08/0065.

The Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) registered the E-One under the medical device category for the treatment of excessive hair growth (also called hirsutism).

The E-One requires a very short time to treat each are of the body regardless of the intensity level selected.

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