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before starting the treatment

                   Prior to use the E-One, it is necessary to shave the area to be treated, like any IPL or laser hair removal treatment. (For more explanation, check the video How does it work? from the homepage) For optimum results shave the same day of your E-One treatment.

A white pencil is provided with your device so you can outline the area to be treated. and shave the area with a razor. It is important to only use that white pencil and no other coloured pencil.

Depending on your previous hair removal method, it may be necessary to wait a few weeks before performing an E-One treatment in order to get the best results.

If your previous hair removal treatment was:

  • Depilatory cream:
    We recommend using the E-One device 1 to 2 week after your previous treatment.
  • Razor:
    Perfect, you can use the E-One now!
  • Waxing, tweezers and thermal hair removal devices:
    We recommend using the E-One device 3 to 4 weeks after your previous treatment.
  • Laser hair removal or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light):
    You should use E-One only after hair re-growth becomes mature which usually takes 6 to 8 weeks.

Starting the treatment

  1. Apply the gel on the area where you want to remove hair. You will need to use 1 to 2mm thickness of gel. It is important to use the optical gel provided with your E-One. The E-One gel has been specifically designed to suit your treatment and provide you the best results. (You can order more gel from our website).
  2. Remove the E-One hand piece from its base.
  3. Go though the E-One settings (gender selection, hair thickness selection, skin phototype selection, flash intensity selection, security checks).
  4. Ensure you always wear the Safety Glasses to protect your eyes from the flash.
  5. Push the applicator head down slightly on to the skin’s surface, it should be placed as flat as possible, and press the button on the side of the head at the same time to release the flash.
  6. Release pressure, move the applicator onto another area to be treated.
    An area of 6 cm2 is depilated (3cm x 2cm) for each flash emitted. There are no overlaps needed since the E-One flash is homogenous on its whole spot size.
  7. Then proceed the same way on all the areas to be treated.
  8. Once you have finished using the E-One, replace it firmly on its base.
  9. Skin Phototypes

After the E-One session

Around 7 days after your treatment, you will notice that some hair follicles are still present into your skin. That’s normal and it will continue to grow for another few days until the hair is naturally ejected out of the skin.

Treated hair isn’t falling out at the same time because of their different nature and different stages in their growing cycle; the process will generally take between 7 to 21 days after your E-One IPL treatment.

After each session, you will notice that hair is growing less and less as well as thinner and thinner.

In order to have optimum results, on average, people will need between 8 to 10 treatments spaced by 6 to 8 weeks. Now, it does depend on each person, some people might need less treatments and some more treatments. Then in order to maintain a smooth and hairless skin, it just requires 1 or 2 touch-ups per year.

The E-One treatments will provide you the same results as professional IPL and laser hair removal treatments performed by beauticians.

If you have any doubt about your treatment, our team is always here to answer all your questions by phone on 07 3107 5847 or email ( and guide you to optimise your E-One treatments.

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