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  • Clean - Spray optique

    Cleaning Spray

    Used to clean your E-One after use and leaves no residue.

    Price: $12.95

  • Crayon de travail et son taille-crayon


    White pencil that is used to outline the treatment area.

    Price: $9.95

  • Pochoirs

    Optical Gel

    The gel is required to use the E-One efficiently, effectively and safely. It has to be applied on the skin before starting a treatment.

    Price: $17.95

  • Optical Cartridge

    Optical Cartridge

    Replacement cassette of 3000 flashes. The cartridge needs an activation code that is sent from France Medical by email.

    Price: $199.95

  • Guide Plate

    Guide Plate

    Used to cover/mask an area you do not wish to treat such as tattoo, birthmark etc.

    Price: $19.95

  • Patches

    Set of Patches

    Patches cover any area that you do not wish to treat with the E-One such as Moles, birthmarks etc.

    Price: $4.95

  • Suitcase

    E-One Suitcase

    Design suitcase to carry your E-One and its accessories everywhere, with foam wedging.

    Price: $199.95

  • Safety Glasses

    Safety Glasses

    Must be used when treating oneself or others with the E-One to protect eyes from the light.

    Price: $79.95

  • Mobile Head

    Mobile Head

    Part that is applied to the skin.

    Price: $199.95

  • Red Filter

    Red Optical Filter

    Optical spare part for internal use. This filter needs to be clean at all times and unbroken. It should be checked before each use of the E-One.

    Price: $43.90

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