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IPL hair removal at home - price comparison

IPL and laser hair removal treatments can save you a lot of money on your lifetime. The upfront cost is certainly dearer but more economical on a long run. Check out our chart.

According to our cost estimations, we have found that hair removal through the use of the E-One turns out to be the most cost-efficient method over a 10 year period. But you are actually saving money quicker than that. Plus if you are sharing the E-One with friends or relatives, the saving is even bigger!

E-One running costs

To perform a usage cost estimation, we look at various aspects of the E-One.

The spot size (area) of the E-One applicator head measures 6 cm² (3 x 2cm).  This means you should be able to remove a 6 cm² zone of hair by flash.

The cartridge of the E-One (inserted in the hand piece) has a designed lifespan of 3,000 flashes, which means that it can remove hair on a 18,000 cm² skin surface. The price of a replacement optic cartridge is $199, which equates to a cost of AUD $0.066 per flash. After each treatment, your hair growing will decrease and so as the areas that need to be treated. This means that at each new session you will use less and less flashes.

Here below are some average figures of number of shot you will need per area:

///           Face           ///
. Cheeks15 flashes
. Upper lip3 flashes
. Chin20 flashes
///           Upper body           ///
. Sideburns10 flashes
. Back of neck20 flashes
. Front of neck20 flashes
. Full arms130 flashes
. Upper arms60 flashes
. Lower arms90 arms
. Underarms20 flashes
. Fingers10 flashes
. Stomach20 flashes
///           Lower body           ///
. Nipple10 flashes
. Bikini25 flashes
. Brazilian50 flashes
. Full legs500 flashes
. Upper legs250 flashes
. Lower legs250 flashes
. Toes10 flashes
///           Face           ///
. Full beard80 flashes
. Moustache4 flashes
///           Upper body           ///
. Back of neck25 flashes
. Front of neck25 flashes
. Shoulders150 flashes
. Full back500 flashes
. Full arms250 flashes
. Upper arms150 flashes
. Lower arms100 arms
. Underarms20 flashes
. Fingers10 flashes
. Stomach50 flashes
. Chest200 flashes
///           Lower body           ///
. Mankini30 flashes
. Full legs700 flashes
. Upper legs400 flashes
. Lower legs300 flashes
. Toes10 flashes

(Please note: this calculation is an estimation and it will vary from a person to an other)

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