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The creator of the E-One

A medical background

Yves Vincent graduated from Maisons Alfort University as a Veterinary Doctor. He held the position as an assistant at Maisons Alfort, and he also obtained a CES diploma graduate in Veterinary Ophthalmology.

In 1991, he established a veterinary clinic, which he managed successfully for 10 years.

Early in 2001, Yves Vincent began working on a new range of Intense Pulsed Light devices for professional use, and also developing machines for removing wrinkles and redness.

Dr Yves Vincent Brottier replicated and developed the performance of professional IPL hair removers into a compact package for home use. His deep understanding and years of research means the specifications the E-One device are set to his stringent criteria of efficiency, and complying with medical standards.

It took Yves Vincent Brottier approximately 4 years of personal investment to create the E-One.

Now E-Swin, his company manufacturing the E-One has became the world leader in medical grade IPL with more systems not only used at home but also for commercial use such as the E>O range for salon and skin clinics as well as the E>Eye for optometrists and ophthalmologists. 

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