The only professional IPL HAIR REMOVAL
device medically certified for personal use AT HOME
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A "booming" company

At the end of 2003, Yves Vincent Brottier decided to take a big challenge: shrink 50kg worth of technology into a smaller, more manageable package for the home user, whilst maintaining professional results. The end product only weighs 6kg and has the same level of safety and efficiency as its professional counterpart.  In short, he has made the first hair removal device using IPL technology for home users.

The French manufacturer with total assets of only $250,000 built a facility to design, produce and sell the E-One Hair Removal Device.
The risk finally paid off - The E-One was born, creating a technological breakthrough in the way people remove hair. More than 80,000 users are now using this innovative product worldwide.

A company managed by its creator

Since the creation of the E-One, Yves Vincent Brottier has been the main shareholder of his company. His role isn’t limited to the creation of the E-One but extends to the manufacturing process and the quality control of the E-One and its accessories. This is another reason why the product has a 2 year warranty.

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