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Pulsed light

IPL also called Intense Pulsed Light is a technology aimed at producing light of a high intensity in a short period of time called "pulsed width" calculated in milliseconds.

In the E-One case, the light produced during the flash is absorbed by a pigment called ‘melanin’, contained in the hair follicle. Melanin in the hair shaft absorbs light energy which is then transformed into intense heat. This is the same principle used by laser hair removal, a principle known as selective photothermolysis, the heat radiate from the hair to follicular cells, while the surrounding skin remains relatively cool.

The heat produced will then destroy the hair by cauterizing the vessels connected to the base of the hair: the ultimate goal is for the hair to fall out and never grow again.

The hair follicle is unable to grow a hair or produces a slow growing hair, lighter in colour and smaller in diameter. The flash of an IPL device will destroy the hair by cauterising the vessels connected to the base of the hair.

Every hair colour type (pigmentation) requires a certain wavelength of light.  As the opposite of lasers which produces a monochromatic light (single wavelength), the flash lamp produces a full broad spectrum of light (multitude of wavelengths). This allows many different hair colours including blond, brown and black hair to be targeted by the light emission. The latest developments have enabled this high technology to be available for personal use at home.

More than ever, it is now possible to get professional results at home with the exclusive technology of the E-One.
The E-One is positioned as the best hair removal solution for home use against all other at-home laser hair removal and at-home IPL hair removal.

New generation of IPL: controlled flash system

One of the most important aspects of the skin safety for IPL treatments involves reproducing a constant and regulated source of light and maintaining the light purity during the flash.

The E-One is using the latest generation of IPL technology, called ‘flash controlled’. This technology is based on uniform light emission for optimised and safer results. This technology is also called SPL for Square Pulsed Light and its pulse width is significantly longer than any other IPL flash, in the range between 30 to 38 milli-seconds depending which setting you've selected on the E-One large LCD touch screen.

The E-One exclusive patented technology from E-Swin meets this standard perfectly. The light intensity emitted during the flash remains the same throughout its duration and it is self-calibrated to always keep the same performance from the first to last flash.

Thanks to this innovating technology, it makes it possible to decrease the light energy produced for the same quality results as devices that produce a higher amount of energy. Consequently, whilst achieving professional quality results, the user’s skin is protected.

Compact technology

A couple years ago, professionals in beauty clinics and beauty salons were using bulky and large IPL hair removal devices. The reason why these units were large is mainly due to the oversized water-cooling system and condenser used that took lot of space. In the old generation of IPL devices, the condenser and water cooking system were using about 18% of their capacity, the rest being unutilised. On the other hand, the E-One is using a new technology, with smaller condensers and cooling systems that have been optimised and used at more than 90% of their capacities.

In the meantime, the technology used in the E-One has been designed to regulate and control the light intensity output in order to keep a constant and pure quality of flash.

As for the cooling features, the bulky water-cooling system used by professional devices to cool down the bulb is no longer needed for the E-One since the size of the condenser block is reduced, the cooling system has been replaced by a sufficient air cooling one.

In a nutshell, an improved energy management system and a creative design enable the E-One IPL hair removal device to get the same performance of other IPL devices used by professionals but shrunk into a smaller unit suitable for personal use at home.

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