The only professional IPL HAIR REMOVAL
device medically certified for personal use AT HOME
Support: (int +61) 7 3393 9342


Please do not use the device if you have the following:

  • You have white/grey or red hair pigment.
  • You have diabetes.
  • You are pregnant.
  • Your skin is very dark or black. (IPL technology targets pigment that heats and can cause burn on very dark or black skin type)
  • You are suffering from a burn, a skin infection, a wound or other skin disease such as inflammation, erythema, acne…
  • You got a sunburnt on your skin within the last 30 days.
  • Your skin suffers from lesions that require a medical treatment.
  • You are taking photo sensitive medication.
Please note that the E-One is not suitable on animals.

Precautions for use

Please use the E-One with precaution if:

    • You have some tattoos, birthmarks on your skin, warts, skin stains... you will need to cover them with the guide plate that comes with the E-One pack.
    • You have moles on your skin, you will need to cover them a special patch that come with the E-One pack.
    • This device is designed for a personal use at home only and not for professional purposes. For any professional use, we do have other IPL devices. Please contact our sales support for more information on 07 3151 1543 or visit our website
    • Make sure that the skin is clean and free from any chemical, soap or cream before each treatment.
    • Note that it is very important to use the optical gel supplied with the E-One. Don’t start any treatment without applying the gel on the skin. Don’t use any other gel brands, especially not coloured gel. The E-One optical gel optimises the treatment and insulates the skin from the flash, it also helps to reduce the heat.
    • The E-One pack includes a pair of safety glasses. The user and the person nearby must wear these safety glasses at all the time during your treatment. (Extra pair of safety glasses are available for purchase on our website).
      The glasses cover the eyebrows and eyelashes therefore you cannot flash this covered area with the E-One.
    • During its use, the E-One head should not touch at anytime the safety glasses.
    • For hair removal treatments on children, the E-One should only be used under parental supervision. Each E-One can be protected by a parental protection password and must be kept out of children’s reach.
    • Do not flash apply the E-One flash on anything else that shaved human skin.

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