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E-One Concept

The E-One was originally launched in 2007 by Dr Yves-Vincent Brottier in France. Dr Yves-Vincent Brottier is an expert in hair removal technologies, designing the first hair removal device using IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) for personal use at home.

Dr Brottier's original idea was to reduce the size of a bulky 50kg professional machine into a small portable unit of 7kg.  But in the end, not only the machine's weight and size have been significantly reduced but also the E-One exceed the performances of most professional IPL devices used in salons and skin clinics. As an example, the E-One works on blond hair which only few IPL or laser hair removal device are able to treat and it is not only suitable for fair skin colour but also tanned and dark skin which again is very unique for an IPL or laser hair removal device.

The E-One IPL hair remover is a cutting edge product 100% developed and made in France. It has been designed for cosmetic and therapeutic use. Certified by a Medical CE and registered at the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for the treatment of excessive hair growth (also called hirsutism). The E-One is an innovative hair removal product using an exclusive French technology protected by several patents. 

In France, the E-One received an innovation award on French national TV program “Inventor of the Year” in 2007 and up to date it has been used around the world by over 80,000 users.

In Australia, the E-One has been reviewed by several TV programs such as A Current Affair on Channel Nine, The Morning Show on Channel Seven and on numerous magazines such as Vogue, Cosmo, Cleo, Bicycling magazine, Weight Watchers, Men's Health, Virgin Voyeur, Triathlon Magazines…

The 3rd version of the E-One is available since the end of 2013, it is called the E-One Clinic S which is even faster than the 2nd version (30% faster in between flashes), more powerful for even better results and more reliable.

In average the E-One is shared by 3 persons, why not sharing it with your relatives or friends making the purchase even more profitable! 

With the E-One, discover a world without hair!

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