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Livia's review - click image above to go to full review.

I had the pleasure of using this machine for the last 3 months and I have to say I was very impressed with it. As a home use IPL machine I was interested to see first of all how easy it is to use and secondly how effective it is.
I have to say it was fantastic on both counts”.

Julie, review sent to a journalist

“Hi There,
I would like to briefly introduce an idea for an editorial piece on the E-One hair removal system which provides priceless effective results that are equivalent to, if not more effective than that of a clinical treatment.  More importantly it is a treatment available to you in the privacy of your own home and can been used as often as you like and is available to anyone with concerns of this nature.

Moving onto the spring and summer seasons our primary focus as individuals would be to look and feel our best and this is an ideal time to provide your readers with informed choices about what is available in the market to meet with their beauty needs.

A clinical treatment from my personal experience can be very costly, timely and you do not necessarily see the result you had hoped for.  On the other hand apart from the initial outlay of this machine you are open to using it as frequently as you like and to treat whomever you like. Most importantly it enables you to cover different bodily regions using a safe and endorsed tool which will provide the optimum result for the upcoming seasons, associated festivities and events.  For teenagers their formals :)

Personally I have witnessed first hand what the E-One can do.  I have three daughters who were embarrassed by the considerable amount of excessive hair both on the body and the face.  They did one treatment using E-One and I must say that the hair has not grown back to any near extent to what it was, barely visible, which may be far fetched but it is the honest truth, hence our family endorsing this product.  We are now moving onto providing treatment in various other sections of the body  but I am so very happy with the confidence it has brought back to my daughters.  I have provided photos that will hopefully give you some idea.

I hope that you consider this idea as I know excessive hair is an enormous problem which affects ones confidence more than you realise.  If, as an adult this is a nuisance and alters the way we look at ourselves then imagine the pressure on a growing teenager.

Please find the website link for further information and view my daughters photos.  If you require further information my contact number at home is…


Chloe, comment after 4 treatments on her armpit

“Hi there,

It says on your website that I should expect optimum results after 10 to 12 treatments, however I did 4 treatment under my arm and I have no hair regrowth anymore. Is that normal?

Very happy with my E-One!”

Maggie and John, couple using the E-One

“Dear E1,

I would like to purchase a new cartridge, how can I do?
My husband John and I are both using the E-One and got great results after 8 or 9 treatments so far.

We are both working in a gym and are more than happy to recommend the E-One and become your ambassadors.

John is doing bodybuilding and got lots of interests from his friends and customers who use to shave every week…

Long live E1!”

Michel, comment about after sales service

“Hi,This is outstanding customer service. Many thanks. Will await for E-one to arrive.

Regards” Michel

Elli, new E-One user

“Hello all

I’m very HAPPY to report that my unit is working.
Thanks Aurelien for the step-by-step instructions yesterday.  I realised I wasn’t selecting the “Enter” button but the ~”Next” button that must have been taking me to the settings.

I’m impressed with the unit.  The experience is similar to the professional ones I’ve had except the delay is a bit longer and I did notice with my last appointment she reused the gel on my legs.

Actually, I don’t know how the gel can last the distance as when applied liberally will probably finish the tube in about 1000 flashes. Are you sure you can’t redistribute the gel after first use to an area along side it?  I used approx. 400 flashes and my gel is almost half full.

Thanks to you Nik for taking ownership of this call when Aurelien was away – much appreciated!!

Anyways, let’s see the end result in the next few weeks whereby I can start recommending the unit to friends/family.

Have a great day.


Berto, happy E-One user

“Dear Aurelien,

Thank you for the way in which you helped to resolve the problem I had with the machine I received with my initial purchase.

You really went out of your way to help me so quickly, and made me feel so welcome and relaxed while you sorted the matter out.

I have very very good results from the treatments to this point, and will certainly continue to use the E-One with the same expectations.

With Thanks,”


Antonietta's Testimonial

"With managing 3 businesses I have no time to waste driving, attending and sitting around for appointments at clinics to have my IPL done, thanks to E-One which does a fantastic job with my IPL hair removal I now have the E-One unit and accessories at my own disposal, to use on any part of my body and what's best is that I can fit it into my own schedule. Thank you E-One for a great product and service."

Melinda, experience E-One with PCOS patient

"My girlfriends teenage daughter suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome & as a result has quite a lot of facial hair. I was not sure if the e-one would work due to this being hormonal. I treated her and did not see her again for approx 6 weeks until she had come over for me to treat her again. I honestly thought that she had been shaving in between as there was barely any visible hair growing through. I was shocked when she told me that she had not toughed the area since the first treatment. I only wish i had taken before and after shots!

I dont work for e-one and bought my machine a couple of years ago. I only bought it because of the 6mths trial deal because I was skeptical.

I am quite happy for anyone to contact me to ask about my experience using the e-one!"

Xavier, new E-One user

"My girlfriend bought an E-One two months ago. When I saw the results on her, I definitely wanted to use it on myself. I had hair on my back that was not very sexy at all and I was really hung up by them when I was on the beach.

One week after the first treatment I saw some of my hair falling down without doing anything. It was really weird! I have just done the second treatment seven weeks later and the difference is already amazing! More than half of my hair has not grown back again. Summer is coming and I already feel much more confident and much better. "

David, E-One user for two years

"I am one of those people who have had excessive hair growth all over my body and have always felt ashamed about it in public, particulary in summer. I stopped going to places like public pools and the beach up until now where I can finally go out and not feel embarrassed about going swimming and have people staring awkwardly at me.

I've now been using the E-one for almost 2 years on and off. After my first treatment , I was very surprised to see the results were more effective than after having 3 treatments at a salon. Moreover, after doing the maths, the cost savings were going to be huge compared to the salon's prices which was going to end up being a very expensive outlay in my situation. Some areas I had only treated a few times only with the E-one and have been happy with the amount of hair reduction and far less conspicuous hair. 

There was no downside about the E-one other than requiring someone to treat those areas I could not reach like my back. Finally, one problem I thought I would have to live with for the rest of my life is now gone forever.

Thank you to the E-one team."

Larissa, E-One user and PCOS sufferer

"As a woman having the problem of excess hair affects me mentally, emotionally and socially everyday as I spend the first hour of my waking day maintaining the hair and covering up any sign of the hair I can. My hirsutism affects me on a daily basis as I am constantly worried that people will notice the hair and comment or even snicker about it.

Over the years my hair removal have evolved from tweezing, hair removal creams, shaving, waxing and even expensive salon laser treatments all of which are either painful of financially draining. I have chosen to use the E-One home hair removal system because not only were my salon treatments expensive, I had to travel an hour to get to my appointments so it made it hard fitting them into my busy life. Also the E-One is cheaper in the long run and you can do it whenever you have the time and the system is yours forever so unexpected sprouts of hair will never be a problem for me again."

Narelle, E-One user for 6 months

" I purchased my E-One six months ago and am very pleased with the results so far - I have definitely noticed a reduction in hair growth.  I have had professional IPL treatments in the past and whilst I think the E-One may take a little longer, it is certainly more convenient and in the long run more cost efficient.  Also, the after sales service I received when I had a problem was exceptional.   The issue was dealt with efficiently and without any fuss. Most companies these days leave a lot to be desired when it comes to customer service when problems arise.  However, France Medical was wonderful.  I am more than happy with my purchase! "

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