The only professional IPL HAIR REMOVAL
device medically certified for personal use AT HOME
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A medical device

The E-One is the first and only professional IPL hair removal device medically certified for personal use at home.

It is the only alternative to beauty clinic's permanent hair reduction treatments. With the E-One, you will soon realise that you are not only saving time and money but you will see how effective its unique SPL technology is providing much better results than most of IPL and laser devices used in beauty salons and skin clinics.

Before being a beauty product, the E-One is a medical product, certified by a Medical CE and registered in Australia by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) for the treatment of excessive hair growth (also called hirsutism).

100% developed and made in France by E-Swin, the world largest IPL manufacturer also certified ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, the E-One has also been followed by a 3 year clinical study under the control of DermExpert laboratory.
Only a few IPL hair removal devices used in beauty clinics have such high standards.

Professional technology for you at home

E-Swin, manufacturing IPL for both home and commercial use, has developed a technology that is finally available for home users using the latest generation of IPL technology of controlled flashes.

If you are asking yourself what the difference is between the E-One and a salon IPL hair removal device well then try it!

- We offer a 6 month money-back guarantee to insure your satisfaction.
- Both require to shave the hair and apply an optical gel before treatment.
- Both require to wear a safety glasses for your eyes protection.
- Both will provide you satisfaction of living a life without hair within 8 to 10 treatments if not earlier!

Numerous are the testimonials we receive from customers who are more satisfied with their E-One treatments that the IPL or laser hair removal treatments they have had in their local beauty salon.
Note that over 60% of beauty salons equipped with IPL hair removal devices are not using such an advanced IPL technology as most of them are using the 1st generation of IPL technology based on a very short flash with high and not controlled fluence while the E-One is using a long flash (long pulse width) on an electronically controlled flash. As the result, the E-One can treat not only dark hair, but also lighter hair (remember it doesn't work on white and red hair though). Also you can use the E-One on tanned skin and dark skin phototype.

Note: the E-One is suitable on Asia, Indian, Middle Easterners and Islanders skins as long as it remains a phototype IV or V (not VI which is black skin).

Unfortunately, lots of beauty salons are using IPL devices based on a 10-15 years old technology, often tarnishing the image of IPL hair removal technology.
Also while professional IPL are multifunctional and are not always doing all of their functions at their best, the E-One has been specifically designed for a single purpose: hair removal.

The cons of the E-One? 
Instead of doing one flash every 2 to 3 seconds (the standard for a good commercial IPL hair removal device), the E-One will produce one flash every 4 to 5 seconds which still is very reasonable unless you need it for commercial use which isn't its purpose. If you are looking for an IPL for your salon, skin clinic or even home salon visit

Indeed, the E-One has been designed for a home use, therefore you can use it on yourself, your partner, your friend or relative but not on a various different people everyday.

We remind you here that France Medical monitors the use of all E-Ones sold in Australia and New Zealand and reserves the right to refuse the sale of the E-One and its accessories where commercial use is suspected. (For more information, click on our Terms and Conditions)

Your IPL hair removal treatments in both winter and summer

Thanks to a revolutionary patented technology, no need to wait a 4 weeks period before and after being exposed to the sun unlike lots of IPL or laser hair removal treatments performed by beauty salons.

Why? Because the E-One is using a constant light (flash controlled). There is no uncontrolled peak and it flashes for a longer time period (pulse width) thanks to a flash intensity electronically controlled, making the treatment more gentle for your skin.

Also, the filter used with the E-One is blocking the light wavelength at a higher level than most of other IPL professional devices making even enabling several flashing on the same spot. 

Saving time and money

Have you ever thought of how much hair removal costs you in a lifetime? Check the following cost saving page.

Not only mentioning the money factor but also the time you are spending doing waxing treatments, taking appointment with your beauty therapist…
With the E-One, you will soon forgot about the hassle of your hair removal routine.

No wonder why over 80,000 persons have chosen E-One!

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