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E-One. Interested in professional IPL or laser hair removal treatments? The only device offering real permanent hair reduction. The only device with Medical CE and TGA Registration, the only device with 3 year clinical study, the only device offering 2 year warranty and 6 month money back guarantee an dthe only device Made in France.
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How IPL Compares With Laser Hair Removal Brisbane

In comparison to many traditional methods of laser hair removal Brisbane, the E-One is in fact an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) device that can be used to remove hair from the body. Once the intense light created from the E-One touches the hair, heat spreads along the surface of the device and once it reaches 70°C begins to destroy the feeding structure of the hair through cauterisation. As the hair must be attached to its feeding structure for the procedure to work, you will often need to have between 8 and 12 treatments in order to see optimum results.

A further factor you must take into consideration is the fact that the body regenerates cells and over time will begin to stimulate new hair growth. It is for this reason that along with your initial 8 to 12 treatments, you will also need to complete additional touch-up work once or twice a year to ensure your skin remains smooth and hairless. This process is exactly the same whether you were to use the E-One device or any other IPL/laser device and is the reason why 'permanent hair removal Brisbane' is not the correct terminology to be used. Instead we prefer the term 'permanent hair reduction' as this reflects the results that the E-One can achieve.

As this innovative technology increases in popularity, the question on many people's lips is how the E-One and devices used in beauty clinics for laser hair removal Brisbane differ? The main difference is the fact that IPL/laser devices used in professional settings are designed to be used on numerous clients throughout the day whereas the E-One is the first IPL device specifically set up for personal use at home. What's more, the E-One comes with a two year warranty period and a long lasting design thanks to the expertise of its creator, E-swin in France, the world's largest IPL manufacturer.

Permanent Hair Removal


Permanent Hair Reduction

The general public (home users) don't necessary know the following fact, but IPL/laser beauticians and practitioners know well that the terms "permanent hair removal" for IPL or laser is ban in Australia. So, why are we are talking about "permanent hair reduction" and not "permanent hair removal" in the medical area?

The reason we cannot talk about "permanent hair removal" is because it is biologically impossible to remove hair permanently from the surface of the skin.

As explained on our videos, the first important thing to understand is that you are not really getting rid of the hair, but its feeding structure, commonly called the "root" of the follicle.